The Importance of Having a Rubber Mat in the Back of Your UTE

UTE owners know how valuable these vehicles are. They have the entire comfort a standard car has with the addition of owning an enormous rear tray where you can store even the largest of items needed to be transported from one place to another.

With a vehicle treating us right, we want to give back to it and see it last as long as possible. We constantly save money to get additional parts for under the hood or toolbox accessories that will upgrade it little by little. Some add-ons are not as expensive as some might think, and getting them can significantly improve your experience using them with just a little investment.

Black rubber mat and a black UTE with toolbox

One of these add-ons is the rubber mat placed in the back of the UTE – over the tray. These rubber mats have many benefits, and that's precisely what we will talk about in this article. Follow up and see why having a rubber mat in the back is an excellent item to get for your UTE.

  • Helps your items remain in place
  • The rubber is a material that will keep everything in its place while you're driving. It doesn't matter if it is a robust toolbox placed in the back, some furniture you're taking from one home to another, or the stuff bought from the grocery store.
    When you have the rubber, it will almost glue the items to themselves until you get to your destination. The heavier an object is, the more complicated it will be to be damaged while driving.
    The underneath material is usually metal, which is known to be slippery. With the rubber mat, you'll no longer have this problem, and everything you place in the back will easily stay intact. The only thing to mind is not to put sharp objects that will tear it apart and damage the rubber mat.
  • Keeps the place safe from water and moist
  • Rubber is a known material that will not let the water go through it. If it rains, the rubber can create a small pond from your tray, which is something to mind when you're installing it in the back. However, this is only a good thing because, without the rubber mat, you'll see water holding into some parts of the tray, potentially damaging it in the long run.
    Metals rust and the rubber prevent moisture from being stored in some of these compartments under the tray, which means keeping it safe and extending your vehicle's durability. Aside from the other benefits, having a rubber mat is also an item that keeps your car safe.
  • Makes your tray look magnificent
  • There's a huge difference between a tray with nothing on it and a tray with a custom-made rubber mat. When you look inside, it's much better to see what the rubber makes it look like. The cold metal from the factory is not the most comfortable sight.
    Sometimes, people ride in the back tray. We often get inside the tray to get something done, and the rubber will give us a feeling of comfort. When you're up there, it's best to feel like you own a UTE that you made perfect over the years by investing in the right additional accessories.
  • Chance to add a custom design on it
  • When you're ordering a new rubber mat, you can get the chance to order one with a logo or design that you love. For example, your favorite sports team's logo or a portrait of your family can be printed on the rubber mat and placed in the rear tray.
    This way, every time you look inside, you'll see the image that you love. You're customizing your UTE in the best way possible, making it a lot more than an ordinary vehicle used for your transportation needs. You're creating artwork by simply adding a custom-made rubber mat, along with options like a toolbox with a generator
  • Protects the tray from scratching
  • One annoying thing about placing items in the tray is that everything sharp enough will permanently damage the tray. You'll then need to take it to the shop and ask for a paint renewal, which is expensive and takes off the original paint of the UTE.
    Installing a rubber mat protects your UTE perfectly. You'll get to store anything inside without worrying that you're ruining the paint on the metal. Of course, rubber is not almighty and won't withhold any impact, but it's still excellent protection from careless moves.
  • It's super easy to clean and maintain it
  • Last but not least - rubber is so easy to clean. Of course, having a metal tray means only turning the faucet on and spraying with the hose, but even the rubber mat won't give you more trouble. You may eventually need a sponge to clean the parts that water won't treat, but there's nothing else to worry about.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 2 March 2022