The Importance of the Caravan Gas Bottle Holder and Why You Need One?

Are you one of those adventure lovers who prefer camping in a caravan? This vehicle addition is superior when compared to other outdoor camping options. The caravan has everything you need, is simple to tow, and acts as a home away from home. However, maintenance is crucial and knowing how to handle it is of utmost importance before heading anywhere.

Among the many things, the most important is the gas bottle. These bottles are filled with propane or butane gas allowing you to use the appliances around the caravan. It is the best option for seamless camping in the wilderness and never worrying about electricity or other power sources.

Although they do not take up too much space, these bottles are highly dangerous if not treated properly. You can’t place them inside the caravan and hope for the best. They need a special place, and safety measures are essential. Because of this reason, caravan owners must install a gas bottle holder – an item that holds the bottles in place and never allows them to get in a point of danger.

What are gas bottle holders?

These items are simple yet very effective. They are made of aluminium, which provides lightweight materials for your caravan. At the same time, they are highly durable and will never let the bottles move or jump off their places due to bumps on the road or other issues.

The gas bottle holders are installed on the A-frame that connects the caravan and the vehicle. This is the perfect place for them for more reasons. The most important one is safety. This place is statistically the least affected during accidents as it is protected from both sides. The vehicle from the front and the caravan from the back, so even if something unexpected happens, the bottles will stay secured.

Security is of utmost importance. As mentioned, these bottles are filled with flammable and explosive gas that can cause true havoc if provoked. A car crash in which the bottles are hit directly will most probably force them to explode, and this is a scenario that no one wants.

However, such accidents are rarely happening, mainly because of the position of the bottles. If you provide the necessary safety precautions, accidents are almost impossible to happen. This is why installing a gas bottle holder is crucial.

What types of bottle holders are there?

There’s no one solution for every caravan. Every owner can solve the problem differently. Still, there are a few commonly used solutions that everyone uses. Here are the four most commonly used gas bottle holders.


The fixed bottle holder is for those not planning to move the gas bottles around. The holders are fixed over the A-frame, and the bottles stay there for the entire trip. If you want to take them out, they’d go without the holder. Many install toolboxes for trucks mount the holders and the bottles inside, and only change them when they become empty.


Another option is the removable holder. These are made for those who frequently need to refill the bottles or use the caravan occasionally, so they don’t want the holders to always be there. These holders are easily detached and reattached and can accommodate different types of bottles.

Adjustable and double gas holders

There’s no one-size-fits-all, as we previously stated. Among the many options, there are the adjustable holders, as well as the double holders for those who need more than one bottle. If you’re going on a long trip, one bottle will not be enough, so going with two is perfect.

The adjustable ones are even more flexible for such needs. They can switch between bottle sizes as the brackets are easily fitted. These are perfect for those who frequently change different bottle sizes.

How to install one?

The simplest way to do it is to find professional help. Our professionals are ready to handle the task for you and will do it flawlessly. However, if you want to mount the holders, you can do it by ordering the item through the mail and following the simple instructions.

First, find the right location for the holder. The A-frame is the best place because of the reasons described above. Find the ideal spot and measure it. Based on the dimensions of the holders, drill the holes that will hold them.

After this, it’s time to secure the item. Be careful when doing it so you don’t damage the caravan or the parts connected to it. After drilling, place the holder and secure it with the screws that come with the mounting kit. Test if they do the job perfectly and have the vehicle for a spin with empty bottles. If everything seems right, you’re ready for a new outdoor adventure.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 5 June 2024