Tips and Tricks for Installing a UTE Tray Tent

Camping is fun. People who love camping always look for new ideas to explore nature. One-day trips are not enough to see everything the great outdoors has to offer, which is why most adventurers will spend at least a few days out there.

Sleeping in nature is challenging. Tents will never be as comfortable as your home bedroom, but modern types provide unmatched comfort when you sleep in nature. With various options available, the tents installed on top of your vehicle are probably the best.

Why are UTE tray tents the best?

Placing the tent on the ground is the simplest solution, but it’s far from the best. A tent on the ground often means no installation, and the walk-in process is seamless, but it comes with many cons that some people can’t get around.

One of the most concerning issues is facing bugs and wild animals, which is almost impossible when you mount a tent on the UTE’s tray. When you have the tent up there, climb up and enjoy the spectacular view. Nothing can get to you when you’re there. You can sleep in peace knowing you’re safe from the environment.

How to install the UTE tray tent?

The first thing you must know is that there are different kinds of tents made for installation on your vehicle. Before purchasing anything, thoroughly investigate the pros and cons of the item. You must choose the one that suits your needs perfectly and ensure you’re eligible for mounting it on your vehicle.

Some tray tents are installed directly on the vehicle’s bed, while others require a combination with your toolbox. Among the best ones to use is the popular caravan drawbar toolbox, but other tool boxes may also work for you if you make a great combination. To know which is best for your vehicle – read the tent’s specifications.

First, ensure you have the right toolbox before starting the installation process. If you do not, you may not be eligible for it, and your work will be futile. After choosing the right combination of tent and toolbox, you can start with the installation process.

Measure and plan

The tent always comes as a packed option that you must unfold while using. The dimensions are drastically different, so you must know what they are and what the place would look like when you use it. Measure the area, plan your activities, and be sure you have enough room for everything.

If all calculations seem right, it’s time to mount your tent on top of your toolbox. Most tents come with their own tools and hardware needed for the job. See what’s inside and prepare for the job. This is not the simplest of tasks, so if you’re unsure how to do it, you should always look for the pros and ask them to do it.

Read the manual for instructions and see where to drill the holes and what parts go where. Most tents will have metal or aluminium hardware attached to the body of the vehicle or the tent. You can attach the tent to anything. You’re not bound to specific boxes or the bed of the UTE. You can do it on top of a trailer drawbar toolbox, the roof rack of the vehicle, or other locations.

Secure the tent

After drilling the holes, it’s time to secure the tent. Place the screws inside, and ensure everything’s fixed perfectly. If it seems like it’s moving just a millimetre, then the job is not done right. Go back and check for flaws. You must have the tent perfectly secured.

When you finish the job, try the entire setting. Open the tent and find out if everything works as it should. See how much space it will take and whether something’s in the way. Additionally, find out if you can use the toolbox uninterrupted while using the tent.

When you do all this, take your UTE for a spin around the block. Your vehicle must not have any issues while you’re driving. Heading to nature means you must drive long distances, and this is not possible if the tent and the toolbox are not secured correctly.


Adventures in nature are fantastic. The chance to breathe fresh air and enjoy the sounds of the great outdoors is an unmatched experience. However, if you want to enjoy it properly, install the right tent on your UTE.

With the tips and tricks above, you should do it without problems. First, find the right tent and learn how to mount it on your vehicle. Then start working, drill the holes, attach the tent, and take it for a test drive. If everything works, you can start exploring and enjoy peaceful nights with your new sleeping setup.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 16 April 2024