Toolbox Canopy For Your Toyota Hilux? 5 Things to Mind Before Mounting

The Toyota Hilux – a legend of off-road tracks. Very few other vehicles are comparable to what the Hilux is capable of out there. People love these vehicles for their durability, versatility, and ability to handle nearly any obstacle that comes along.

If you own one, you surely want the best for it. Installing additional equipment is always a great thing to do, and if you’re pondering about mounting a canopy over the rear tray, you’re making a great move. UTE canopies fit perfectly on every Toyota Hilux, making them look better and providing even more benefits for the driver.

Before ordering anything, and before the installation process, you must have a few things in mind. You can’t just order a Hilux canopy and think everything will go smoothly without paying attention. You need to order the perfect box, know how to mount it, and how to take care of it. Here’s what you must do.

Toyota Hilux with canopy from Ozy Toolbox Center

1. Ensure canopy compatibility

The first thing to mind is compatibility. The toolbox canopy you’re about to order must perfectly fit the rear tray of the Toyota Hilux. Before ordering anything, measure the dimensions of the rear tray. Do it precisely because one centimetre may be a big issue when the box arrives.

All sellers have multiple canopy options on the shelves marked as boxes for Hilux. You can say you want one for this vehicle, and they’ll instantly offer a few options. Of course, you can always go off the traditional options and ask for something custom-made, but mind the dimensions, as you may find it useless if you provide the wrong numbers.

2. Look for top-notch materials

Another crucial topic is the choice of materials. Back in the day, steel was the default material for many items, and tool boxes were not an exception. Later on, plastic came and took over the market with its flexibility and lightness, but it lacked durability and protection.

Today, the best material is aluminium. It offers the best of all worlds - lightweight, highly durable, and affordable. These features are essential because other materials provide the same qualities, and maybe even better, but come with unreasonable amounts, making aluminium the best option.

Aside from tool boxes, they make almost anything from this material that comes as an addition to the UTE. You can find an aluminium canopy roof rack, aluminium undertray boxes, jerry can holders, trundle drawers, and many other items made from the same material.

3. Think about the design and opt for aerodynamics and functionality

The design is essential for the looks but is also crucial for gaining better functionality and higher aerodynamic features. Some might ask – why is this important, anyway? Improved aerodynamics of your vehicle is essential for two main things – gas consumption and vehicle steering control.

UTEs are known as vehicles that have poor aerodynamics, but if you install the best toolbox canopy, you will improve these issues. With the canopy, you’re also getting excellent functionality and features that enhance your experience.

4. Read the installation manual carefully

Before mounting the box, you must read the installation manual carefully. Installing the canopy on your UTE is not overcomplicated, but you must know all the details and challenges – read the manual and learn how to do it.

You will need a few tools, usually included in the mountain kit, so you shouldn’t have a problem whether you have them. If you have some experience and skills, you should do this easily, and if you feel like you’re not the best for the job, you can always take the box to the shop and ask the pros to do it for you.

5. Mind the installation process and ensure perfection

If you choose to install the toolbox canopy yourself, you must do it without a flaw. If you don’t do it right, you’re facing issues that will compromise the safety of the items stored inside the canopy. Ensure that you’re drilling at all the right places and using all parts in the process.

Many will not attach the rubber seals perfectly and find the items inside soaked in water after a regular rain event. If you do everything perfectly, your items will stay intact and away from any weather inconvenience.

6. Add some security afterwards

After the installation, think about adding some security to it. Along with the tool boxes, you will always find locks and locking mechanisms that fit perfectly to it. Make sure you feel safe when you go into nature and park your car a few kilometres away.

Modern locking mechanisms are technology-driven. They have smartphone app connectivity, sensors, and many other features. However, if you’re a traditional type, you can always opt for a classic lock that will keep you safe the old way.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 5 February 2024