Toolbox Central Locking is Essential for your UTE

UTE owners constantly upgrade their vehicles. They’ll add undertray drawers, a ladder holder, or a canopy and love the time spent driving their UTEs. It’s entirely normal because these types of vehicles are useful and exciting at the same time.

Some might prefer sports and racing cars because of their power and roaring sounds, but UTEs are powerful in a different way. Where these vehicles can go, sports cars will never manage to get, unless carried and dropped there.

If you love your vehicle, you’re surely considering upgrading them, or you have already installed ute tool boxes and other features in the back. Everyone who already has these items knows how useful they can be and how better their vehicle become after installing and using them..

UTE toolbox key and alarm system next to it

When you have some of these items installed, you provide storage for the things you need to take with you. Whether it is tools for the construction site or camping gear for your next adventure, the toolbox in the rear tray is an excellent feature.

When you have something like this, you must have a flawless locking system to protect you from theft. Among the many options available on the market, you can use the OZY Toolbox locking mechanism. We also have excellent toolbox alarm systems that keep you as safe as possible.

Leaving the vehicle wherever you want without worrying about the items inside

There’s no need to explain how locks and alarms benefit the ordinary person. Although not all areas where you’ll leave your car are risky, you still need to mind and lock it to be safe from theft. You never know where thieves operate and if your UTE is a target.

According to statistics, more than 190,000 Australian vehicles were victims of thieves in 2021. If you want to remain safe and not risk broken glass, you should install a central locking system with an alarm. These features are proven to repel thieves and keep your vehicle safe.

Never worry about where you left the key to the toolbox

One of the great things about central locks is that you don’t have to worry about where you left the key to the lock of the toolbox. When you connect the system to the entire car, you get a system automatically locked when you lock the car.

Since you can’t drive your UTE without the key, and you’re most likely to lock the doors when you get out of it, you won’t have to worry about leaving the toolbox unlocked because one move will handle all locks on your vehicle; including the toolbox that you connected to the system.

It is a modern solution that makes you feel cool

When you use a locking mechanism that keeps everything under control, you’re using a modern tool that is the latest outburst in technology. Although some more fancy solutions are available, you should think if you need something like that, because they are pricey.

A locking mechanism to control from a single point is the best solution at the moment. It is affordable and cool at the same time. You can hang the keyless remote control device on your keychain and never forget to lock your toolbox. Everyone else will use something outdated while you’re enjoying the benefits of technology.

Person using a key to unlock UTE toolbox canopy

Can be used for other needs if you want it

You don’t have to use the locking mechanism for your UTE. You can install the toolbox in your garage and use it for storing valuable items there without allowing anyone to access and see what’s inside.

If you want this item, you can have it for an affordable price. In other words, feel free to get two of them and use them wherever it is needed. One for the canopy toolbox of your UTE and one for the garage, along with the items inside, is an excellent idea.

You don’t actually have to walk to the toolbox to lock it

Traditional locking mechanisms require you to walk to them, put the key in the lock, and secure them. With remote control and a central locking system, you can do it wherever you want but within a respectable distance.

You may forget to lock and walk inside your home. You don’t have to go outside. All you have to do is press the button on your remote and have the area secured. Highly convenient and practical. Keeps your belongings safe and makes you comfortable.


These few benefits show why a central locking system for your toolbox is the best item to invest in if you’re thinking about doing so. These locks are a modern solution for the safety of your UTE. Simultaneously, they are highly convenient and probably the safest solution there is at the moment.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 11 October 2022