UTE Canopy Central Locking: Installation, Benefits, and More

All UTE owners love it when they install a toolbox canopy. The rear tray has so many options. One of them is the toolbox canopy that allows users to have unlimited storage access and multiple options. The only issue here is how to combine everything perfectly and get the most out of the tray.

When you purchase a UTE of the car salon, you get a bed installed over the rear tray. Many will accept this idea and drive their vehicles without adding anything because they love the open space and the simplicity of it. However, the open rear bed is inconvenient for longer trips or leaving items unattended.

This is the reason why most people will add a storage solution to the open area. Many will combine the best of both worlds, while some will entirely enclose the bed with one of the many fantastic robust aluminium toolboxes and get a fantastic storage solution.

Adding security to your toolbox

It’s not enough to install a toolbox and leave it unlocked for everyone to peek inside and eventually steal what you have. You must add a locking system that will protect your belongings. There are many different options regarding security, and you should pick the one that suits your needs perfectly.

The simplest way to do it is by adding an old-fashioned lock that you open with a key. You will be the only one who owns the key and has total control over the toolbox. However, there are much better options and solutions to adding security to your toolbox canopy.

One of these options is the central locking mechanism, connected to the rest of the vehicle. To add this type of security, you should best visit our tool box shop and ask for the service. Aside from getting a brand new toolbox canopy, you will get the service of installing a central lock mechanism.

Why is a central locking mechanism the best solution for you?

Imagine walking up the UTE with hands full of groceries, and you must search for the key to the canopy. It’s not the best picture to imagine. On the other hand, walking up to it and having a detection system installed means the lock will instantly unlock, and you only need to pull the handle.

When you walk away from the vehicle, the detection system will notice you’re far enough and lock itself automatically. This is the best solution for you, but less affordable than other ideas. Of course, everything that’s good comes with a price, but you must know what you’re getting with it.

Installing such a system means you will never worry again about having your items unprotected. Thieves will never be able to break inside and steal whatever you have. Some people carry their work tools and machines that are extremely expensive and can’t afford to lose them to thieves.

That’s why a central locking mechanism is the best solution. Even if you’re unsure whether you locked the vehicle and the toolbox, the UTE will know by itself and do it for you. When you return, it will recognize your presence and unlock with a touch on the fob or the vehicle’s handle.

How to install this system?

The best solution is to take your vehicle to the shop and ask them to do it for you. Many tried doing it on their own but failed. Instead of doing this twice, wasting time, energy, and finances, you can schedule an appointment and get the job done in less than an hour.

If you feel skilled and experienced to do it yourself, you must know how to do it properly. After you purchase the system, it will come with a user manual and an installation kit, so it should be pretty straightforward if you ever did something similar previously.

For those that this would be the first time, and they still want to try themselves out, they should know that it takes some drilling, wire connecting and adding parts to their toolbox canopy.

First, you must mount the central locking system inside the toolbox. This means drilling holes and screwing after the system is in place. After this, you must mount the actuators that open and close the toolbox canopy. This also takes some drilling, precision working, and screwing.

Once you do this, it’s time to run the wiring. Mind that the wires are long enough but connect the system and the actuators perfectly when the canopy is open. Once you run and connect the wire, it’s time to test the system. If you did a great job, the canopy will open and close at the touch of your remote. If you make some mistakes, you must check the wiring and redo the process.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 13 March 2024