UTE Canopy Sleeping Setup: How to Convert the Toolbox Canopy

One of the many uses of the toolbox canopy is camping. Aside from storing tools inside, you can also use this area for camping and sleeping. Of course, to sleep inside, you must have a canopy covering the entire tray, as no matter how small or big you are, you won’t fit in a smaller item.

Transforming your toolbox canopy into a sleeping pad is easy if you know how. Although you need to make a few adjustments and additional installations, it’s a pretty straightforward task that takes a few tools and some work. If you’re not skilled and experienced, you can always ask the pros to do it instead.

So,So, what is needed to convert your toolbox canopy into a sleeping pad? What are the essential steps to do it, and how can you turn it into the best camping feature that everyone travelling with you will love? Keep reading and find out more about this idea.

1. Clear out everything from the inside

If you’ve been using your toolbox for other needs, such as transporting tools to the construction site or groceries from the store, you must take everything out. You can’t have these items inside because the toolbox must be ready for transformation.

It’s crucial to get inside and closely look everywhere if there’s something stuck in the corners. After years of using it, we often forget that we have something inside. We may think it is lost, but if you leave it there, it may damage the other sleeping items you will place inside.

2. Clean it from dust and dirt

After you take everything out, it’s time for cleaning, especially if you’ve been transporting heavy-duty tools inside. Oil, grease, and all sorts of stains will be there waiting to destroy your sleeping setup. You must get inside the canopy and clean everything thoroughly.

Take various cleaning solutions, water, and dry towels. Everything is needed to get the job done right. Get inside and turn on the light from your smartphone, or use a battery that will illuminate the entire toolbox. Do this until you see the place spotless.

3. Add a lighting installation

Once you finish the cleaning part, it’s time to add lighting. If you’re creating a sleeping setup, you must have light inside. If you don’t feel like this is an essential part of the setup, you can always use a battery or the light from your smartphone, but it’s more convenient to have light.

Your vehicle already has the wires needed for it – you need to rewire them and add an extra switch. Place at least one lightbulb on top of the toolbox, and you’ll enjoy a night in nature reading a book before falling asleep. Light is crucial for getting the pod ready for sleeping.

4. Add insulation and ventilation

After these tasks, you should add insulation and ventilation to your toolbox. Most tool boxes won’t come with special ventilation because there’s no need for it, but if you’re sleeping inside, you must ensure that you’ll have fresh air throughout the night.

Insulation is also something to mind. Insulation will help create a comfortable sleeping area regardless of the weather outside. It may be cold, windy or rainy, but it won’t matter as the inside will be cozy.

5. Find an adequate sleeping mattress

Up to this point, we have everything crucial installed, and it is now time to turn the place from a cold and empty toolbox into a warm and welcoming sleeping setup. Add a sleeping mattress or a sleeping pad that will be comfortable and soft.

Measure the canopy and know the exact dimensions before ordering a sleeping mattress because if it is too big, it won’t fit inside. Many will want a mattress that fits perfectly, but mind that it is not easy to place a big bedroom king-size mattress into a tiny toolbox, so find a reasonable solution.

6. Find room for essential items elsewhere

Once you have the sleeping setup, you must think about the tools and where you will place them after the reorganization. You must find another solution since you’re turning the canopy for the UTE into a sleeping pad.

One of the ideas is to mount additional smaller toolboxes under the tray or add one in the back. Some people will install a roof rack and a storage compartment there. Both ideas are excellent for storing smaller tools and crucial items that will help you on the road.


These steps show you how to transform your toolbox canopy into the perfect sleeping setup you will enjoy on your camping trips. Forget sleeping in a tent on the ground – this idea is much better and more comfortable. Do the steps, transform the toolbox canopy, and enjoy your offroad experience.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 26 March 2024