UTE Tray Covers and What their Benefits Are

When you own a UTE, you have a versatile vehicle with which you can do anything you want. It's perfect for passenger transport, but you can also use it for business. Many people enjoy trips in nature with their UTEs because they are big enough to provide all the benefits needed for an outdoor adventure.

When you first buy a UTE, you're getting the driver's cabin and an open rear tray that, although it can store so many items, it's better if it is covered. There are many reasons you should cover the rear tray, with the safety of the items stored as the primary one.

In this blog post, we're sharing a couple of options when covering the rear tray is in question. Covering the tray has so many benefits and if you want to know what they are and the best option for you personally, keep reading and find out more about it.


There are many different canopy options. The toolbox canopy installed in the back is the ultimate best option when it comes to storage. Depending on the vehicle and your needs, the canopy can be big enough to fit literally anything you might need for a trip in the wilderness.

Canopies are excellent for travel and item transport but are often too heavy. The weight adds to the vehicle's gas consumption, making you spend more money wherever you go. However, the difference won't be huge if you install a lightweight enough canopy. Most UTE owners opt for an aluminium toolbox canopy, as it is durable and lightweight, adding just a little more weight to your vehicle.

Solid lid tonneau

The solid lid tonneau can be made of different materials and have different looks and uses. The solid lid tonneau is usually made of fibreglass and other materials, and it's a perfect way to cover the rear tray if you're not aiming to get more storage space.

The solid lid tonneau covers the tray nearly equally with the top of the tray. You're not getting anything additional, but it protects the items that fit under it. The fibreglass is usually lightweight and does not negatively impact the vehicle but prevents you from storing bigger items inside.

Roll top cover

The roll top cover is similar to the solid lid but is more versatile and advanced. The roll-top cover acts like a garage door controlled through a remote. It will roll all the way to the end of the tray, but if you want to, you can stop it halfway there and only leave part of it open.

The roll top cover is usually made of aluminium pieces connected to each other and provides much better protection than the ordinary solid lid. Closing and locking the roll means that a burglar has no chance to take what's inside and will need to break the lock if they want to harm you.

Custom-made mix

Many people will go to tool box and UTE shops to order what they think will work best for them. A canopy can cover just half of the rear tray, leaving the rest of it entirely open. Or, you can choose to cover a third of the tray with a solid lid and add two different toolboxes on the other part.

If you like to keep the versatility and are not really into having the entire rear tray covered with something, this is the best option. Many people love the simplicity of the open rear tray and the chance to simply toss something inside on their way to the driver's cabin.

Undertray toolbox options

Another option many ignore, while the UTE is perfect for it, is the under tray tool box. UTEs are made in a way that allows installing under tray tool boxes where you can store small items - like tools, first aid kits, and similar things.

You don't have to have a designated toolbox in the upper part for things like these. The under tray tool box is so convenient that people decide to leave the upper tray open and use it as it is but store all the valuable equipment locked in these specialized boxes for small items.


Owning a UTE is a blessing for many people. Not everyone was born to drive an ordinary city car. If you're one of those who drives a UTE, you should know that you're a special person.

UTE owners constantly work on their vehicles. They like to make improvements and install new features that will make them look cooler and have more features to use on their trips. Choosing one or a mix of these options is a must for every serious UTE owner who likes to see their vehicle in the best shape possible.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 31 August 2022