UTE Tub Vs. Tray Vs. Canopy Storage - What is the Best Option?

If you live in New Zealand or Australia, the chances that you're driving a UTE are high. In 2020, around 25% of all new vehicles sold were UTEs. If you own one, you already know the versatility these machines provide for their owners. They can be transformed and upgraded many times, a feature that most other cars don't have.

When you buy a UTE, you will probably get a tub in the back. However, this is not something that is mandatory, nor is it a solution for a lifetime. You can always convert from a classic tub to a tray or to a canopy. But why would someone do that?

What are the differences between a tub and a tray?

A UTE, or a Utility Vehicle, is a type of vehicle that typically has an open cargo area at the rear. Both UTE tubs and UTE trays refer to the cargo area of a UTE, but they have some differences.

A UTE tub typically refers to a cargo area that is enclosed on all sides with a solid metal or composite shell. This provides protection for the cargo and helps to keep it secure, as well as offering some protection from the elements. UTE tubs are often used for carrying goods that need to be kept clean and dry or for carrying valuable items that need to be kept secure.

On the other hand, a UTE tray typically refers to a cargo area that is open on all sides, with no solid shell. UTE trays are often used for carrying larger items that won't fit in a tub, such as bulky machinery or building materials. They are also useful for carrying items that need to be loaded and unloaded quickly, as there are no sides or tailgate to get in the way.

In short, a UTE tub provides a secure and protected cargo area, while a UTE tray provides a more open and versatile cargo area for larger items. However, both of these can always be upgraded or transformed into canopies.

Can you upgrade the tub into a canopy?

You can always upgrade a UTE tub with a canopy. A canopy is a type of cover that can be fitted to the top of a UTE tub, providing additional protection from the elements and increased security for the cargo. Canopies are typically made of lightweight materials such as aluminium, fibreglass or plastic and can be easily removed when not needed.

There are many different types of canopies available for UTEs, with various features and designs to suit different needs. Some canopies have windows or vents for ventilation, while others have locking mechanisms for added security. Some canopies are designed to be fully enclosed, while others have openings for easy access to the cargo.

If you are considering upgrading your UTE tub with a canopy, it is important to choose a high-quality product that is designed to fit your specific vehicle. You may also want to consider factors such as the weight of the canopy and the additional load capacity it will add to your UTE, as well as any additional features or accessories that you may need.

It is always a good idea to consult with a professional installer to ensure that the canopy is installed correctly and safely. This is why we're here to help. Come to our shop during our working hours, and we'll help you find the best tubs, canopies, and tool boxes for trucks, UTEs, trailers, and other vehicles.

What is the best option?

The best option is always the one you prefer the most. All of these options have their pros and cons, so you need to consider the best option for you specifically. Suppose you're working as a contractor - the best option is the one that will give you the benefits needed at the moment.

For example, a rear tray means you get lots of room to mount and transport enormous items. The area is open, so you can place items with enormous dimensions. On the other hand, the tub limits your dimensions but provides convenience. You won't have to worry about spending an hour securing the cargo. Just toss it in the back.

As a contractor, you know how valuable some of the tools and the machines you're carrying with you are. You can't afford to lose some of them. You also can't afford to let them unprotected. That's when you'll need the toolbox or the canopy. These have locks that will secure your belongings. Based on these, you should pick the best option for you.

Final words

Like everything else, choosing the best option is a matter of personal preference. Consider your needs, see what the back of your vehicle should provide, and get the one that will ideally fit your needs. Don't let anyone tell you what you should get or what the best option is.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 4 April 2023