Utes VS Pickup Trucks: Can You Really Compare Them?

Although many who are not familiar with the subject will instantly think these two are the same, there are some differences that show the opposite. When you compare both, you'll see that even though the same brands produce both pickup trucks and UTEs, often under the same name, they are not really the same.

If you're planning to get a vehicle that will be different from city cars, and you need more than just commuting to work and the grocery shop, then you're surely thinking about getting a truck or a UTE. If you feel like there's no difference between them, you should know that both of these are quite different.

In this post, we will show you the few key differences between them, which will make you realize what you should mind when opting for one. If you want to know what are the main differences between the UTE and the pickup truck, keep reading and find out.

The location makes the main difference

When someone mentions the word UTE, or a Utility Vehicle, they are probably from Australia or New Zealand. This name is reserved for people living in these two countries and some other smaller places. The rest of the world calls them differently, so that is the main thing to know when thinking about these two.

Trucks are generally reserved for Americans. Although other parts of the world also use the same name, Americans are those who can afford to drive this type of vehicle on their American streets. In comparison, the British also call them pickups or flatbed lorries, but the British are way less fond of these vehicles than the Americans, mainly due to the difference in the road networks.

Americans enjoy wide streets where they can enjoy driving huge pickup trucks, which is not the case in other countries around the world. This is a great reason for the main difference between the American and the Australian version of a 'pickup truck.'

Trucks are bigger than UTEs

As Americans want everything to be bigger than the rest of the world, so they want their vehicles to be the same. They drive huge pickup trucks with way more truck storage in the back. On the other hand, UTEs are made smaller; thus, their UTE storage is also relatively smaller.

Still, both options provide fully-functional rear storage, and their owners can enjoy transporting large items. If they add a toolbox in the back, they add security and safety to their belongings, but the main difference between the two is the size. Americans love an enormous truck, while Australians enjoy a compact and flexible UTE.

Both have a different base and chassis

Another huge difference between the two, which mechanics would probably point out primarily, is the chassis of both. A pickup truck is based on a truck chassis, while the UTE's chassis is based on a car. That explains pretty much why the name is chosen this way.

Based on this difference, you can easily say that Americans drive trucks that were adjusted for ordinary people, while Australians remain driving cars that were adjusted to provide more functions than ordinary vehicles.

Still, with the size and the chassis come differences in the interior of the vehicle too. Trucks have wider interior space that provides way more comfort. UTE's interior is basically a car that has more functions added in the rear tray. This is where tool boxes for UTEs come into play for those who love owning a truly versatile, flexible, and functional vehicle.

Trucks withhold more weight

Pickup trucks being bigger than UTEs and installed on bigger chassis mean that they can withhold more pressure and weight. It also means that you can't load the UTE with your entire household furniture when you're removing from one place to another, but you'll need a big truck.

On the other hand, when you're camping, working as a contractor, and have city needs, but you're looking for versatility in your vehicle, a UTE is just what you're looking for. It will withhold the weight just as a regular car would, but you don't have to mind about the space and the type of storage.


You should know these two main differences when you're thinking about getting one of these. Regardless of the country you're in, you can always find both versions. Australians prefer UTEs, while Americans love Pickup trucks, but you can find both versions no matter where you're located.

Adding toolboxes, canopies, and other items in the back is also worth considering. Depending on your needs and wishes, these items can come in quite handy in various life situations. They are excellent for campers, contractors, and transportation job roles but also for people looking for a truly versatile utility vehicle.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 1 May 2023