What 4wd Camping Accessories Do You Need for a Flawless Adventure?

Every off-road traveler's dream is to own a 4wd vehicle. These vehicles can take you literally anywhere. They are powerful, strong, and nothing can stop them. They can go through forests, hills, deserts, the beach, mud, and the open road.

Going on an adventure with a 4wd is a special kind of experience. Although you may feel invincible, you must be aware of your options and capabilities. You also need to know the essential items you must take with you to enjoy a proper adventure.

This blog post shares some of the most vital information you need before taking off. Keep reading if you want to make a checklist with items you absolutely must have when going on a 4wd adventure.

Proper storage for your items

It doesn't matter what kind of vehicle you're driving; you always need enough storage for everything you carry. From a powerful UTE with a toolbox installed in the rear tray to an oversized trailer storage box, you always need an additional box to store your tools or other essentials.


We're not talking about disconnecting your kitchen fridge but getting an adequate one mounted on your vehicle. If it is a trailer, you probably already have the place meant for it, and if you're driving a UTE, you'll need to create one yourself. In every case, you should let yourself go anywhere without a fridge. This will keep your drinks and food in perfect shape, which is crucial for having a fantastic trip.

Roof rack

Roof racks are highly convenient, and no matter what you're driving, you should have one just in case. It may add a little more weight to your car, but it can come in handy in times of need. There's a lot of room up there for storing stuff that can't go anywhere, and the roof rack can also help you install the perfect tent.

Undertray trundle drawers

You can't place just anything inside the toolbox we mentioned before, and there's no room for everything in the classic trunk. Installing dedicated trundle drawers under the tray will add tremendous value to your trip and can be extremely helpful for using items that will help you get your vehicle out of problems when you get stuck in some tough parts.


Don't think that you won't get problems overcoming obstacles just because you own a 4wd vehicle. Yes, these machines will often easily go through anything, but sometimes you'll still be stuck and need a helping hand. That's why you must own a shovel that is best kept in the undertray drawers. If you get stuck in sand or dirt, the shovel will give you that extra push to get out of the situation.

Oversized tent

When camping, you obviously need a tent. Sleeping in nature is often dangerous if you're not fully prepared, and owning a 4wd vehicle means you can use it to set up an oversized tent where you'll spend the night comfortably. Look through the solutions available on the market and find a tent that will be perfect for your needs.

Sleeping bags

Another thing that's essential for camping is the sleeping bag. Nature is a five-star hotel, but only if you know how to set up the bed. A top-notch sleeping bag is a must for every camper. Get one that will keep you warm in winter and keep you safe in the summer. With tons of options, you'll need to do thorough research before finding the best.

First aid kit

Never go anywhere without the first aid kit. Four-wheel drive vehicles often get in dangerous situations, and hurting yourself means taking care of yourself immediately. If someone else gets injured too, it's your job to help them, so keep the first aid kit in the undertray trundle drawers where it is easily accessible.

Essential supplies

Food, water, matches, knives, and other stuff are essential camping supplies. Nature may provide everything for you, but it's best to be prepared upfront instead of relying entirely on it. Instead of looking for berries and freshwater creeks, you should take basic supplies from home.

Power Generator

Installing various toolbox accessories, drawers, and organizers can be extremely helpful when going camping. Your 4wd vehicle is powerful enough to get you anywhere, but what's the point if you have nothing with you when camping. Equip your vehicle with everything you need and enjoy the time spent in the great outdoors.


When camping with a 4wd vehicle, you should know that it's not only to have a powerful machine, but you also need to be well-equipped for a flawless experience. A trip is only good as you make it, so you must know what to take before going on the road. Follow these points from above, and you'll be great.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 28 June 2022