What are the 6 Main Benefits From Installing a Half UTE Canopy

All UTEs come with an open rear tray or an open tub in which you can store various items. Being open means you must secure the items you’re carrying, and even then, you can’t be 100% sure they won’t fall off your vehicle and lose them forever. This is why many people install tool boxes and canopies.

With multiple options, you must find the one that will be perfect for your needs. There are various boxes – some cover the entire tray, others cover one part of it, and some are installed under the tray. Pick the best for you depending on the way you’re using your vehicle and your daily needs.

One of the options is the half canopy. This option covers the rear tray from end to end, but only a part of it. Depending on your wishes, you can leave most of the space open and still have a toolbox of choice. Check out what the six main reasons are for installing something like this on your UTE.

1. More UTE storage

The rear tray seems like a wide storage area, but once you start using it, you realize your options are limited. You can only place items inside the tub. You simply can't fit a big piece or a machine inside unless you secure it properly.

A half canopy will allow you to use the tray as you know it but will also provide additional storage with its height and aluminium cover. You can store more tools or camping equipment inside aside from the one you already placed in the rear tray. Even if you don’t need them constantly, you can always have spare room for those moments when you truly need them.

2. Better protection for fragile items

When you own a toolbox canopy, you can store anything you want inside and never worry about its safety. Glasses or expensive machines and tools will stay safe as the toolbox is made of aluminium, which can withhold any impact from the weather or the bumpy road.

The items inside are stored perfectly safe, and you can drive any way you want without worrying about them. Weather conditions can be harsh, but inside the toolbox, they are safe. Sun won’t burn them in the hot summer, and the hail or rain won’t damage the tools that might become rusty after.

3. Excellent storage organization

One of the best things about the half canopy is that you can organize it inside as you want. Many people will add additional holders or a drawer system in which all required tools or items are stored. This way, you can neatly store anything you like without fearing you’ll lose them.

The drawer system and the rest of the additional items inside will allow you to perfectly organize everything you’re transporting. Many people use their UTEs for camping and off-roading activities, so this type of toolbox allows them to store tiny items like utensils and similar things.

4. Improved aerodynamics of the vehicle

Although the UTE is a vehicle that isn’t spending too much gas compared to its power and size, by adding a toolbox you’re improving its aerodynamics and lowering your gas consumption additionally. The toolbox will lower your gas bills.

Many people are not aware of this issue, but with improved aerodynamics, your vehicle will waste less gas. As the air runs around the UTE when driving, especially at high speeds, it creates an air bubble that creates higher resistance and, thus, higher gas consumption.

5. Secured from theft

You know that anything you leave at the rear tray is free to be taken away from you. Thieves can’t wait for a vehicle like this. This is why you never leave anything there when you park in public places. You will most probably take them with you or leave them at home.

If you don’t want to risk theft and you need particular items everywhere with you, the half canopy is the perfect solution. Install one in the back, and you will never risk being robbed. The lock that you’ll add will allow only those who own a key to see what’s inside.

6. Increased resale value

Suppose you own a Toyota Landcruiser. This vehicle is known for its reliability and high resale value. If you own one and want to sell it, you know you can get an excellent price, but owning additional equipment with it means you’re getting even more after selling it.

Adding a 79 series canopy or a half canopy will raise the price even more. When you decide to sell it, buyers will rush to offer more and will compete for your vehicle. This is every seller's dream, and you can also do this when you have a half-canopy installed over the rear tray.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 7 November 2023