What are the Benefits from Getting a Customised Canopy for Your UTE

When you’re ready to upgrade your UTE with something new, you’re thinking about your options. There are so many items available, and it’s tough to pick just one once you’re looking. From small decorations to undertray trundle drawers to toolbox canopies that will fit anything you think of inside.

Among the many previously manufactured items you can choose from while looking at the shop’s isles, there’s the option to order an item that will be made specifically for your vehicle and your needs. When it comes to UTE boxes and accessories, there are tons of options available.

Some people will get a standard box made specifically for their vehicle. It has the ideal dimensions and is usually more affordable than custom-made boxes, so they think this is a perfect solution. In many cases, it indeed is, but sometimes a custom-made toolbox is a far better option. Read on to see the benefits of getting a customised canopy for your UTE.

You’re getting exactly what you’re ordering

When ordering a customised item, you know exactly what you’re getting. You can’t have a fabric error since the box is made specifically for your needs, and if the canopy isn’t made up to the required standards, you can simply ask them to improve the quality or make another one.

Additionally, a canopy made for you specifically is something you can track while it is being made. You can always come by the shop and see how the progress is going. Although these things are done in a relatively short period, you can still see the process from manufacturing to mounting it on your vehicle.

A wide variety of options to choose from

When you’re going customising, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. You can choose the materials, colours, sizes, designs, etc. Suppose you’re looking for a lightweight toolbox to store your tools inside, but you also want your vehicle to look flawless.

Ordering a custom-made aluminium canopy toolbox is the ideal solution. You can tell the manufacturer how you want it to look, ask them to add some specific design and ensure that the canopy has lids facing the right way when you open it. That’s the beauty of customisation.

If you want something specific made, there’s no problem. It can be handled if you want to install a power generator holder inside. If you want a tilting fridge holder, this can be handled too. In short, a custom-made toolbox provides an unlimited range of options.

They fit your rear tray perfectly

When creating a customised canopy toolbox, you know there’s no chance of failure. The item will fit your rear tray perfectly. Sometimes you don’t want a canopy that will fill the entire tray and only a part of it. Perfectly aligning the tray with the toolbox is essential for having a great vehicle.

When you order a custom-made canopy, a team of engineers will thoroughly measure and inspect your vehicle. They will know how to create the canopy perfectly and will fit it ideally inside the tray. When you have everything finished, anyone who sees your vehicle will think that the toolbox was installed in the factory where the vehicle was developed.

Chance to create your own design and looks

Another excellent thing is creating your own design. Aside from the size and looks, when you’re ordering a customised product, you can make it the way you want. You can choose your favourite colours, add your own design painted on it, and you can make it look just the way you want.

Most toolbox canopies are simple and follow a predetermined line that everyone uses. If you want to be unique, ask for something different. Ask for an unordinary look, but beware of losing the functionality of the tray and the toolbox itself.

Customised items can turn your vehicle into a truly valuable asset

Once you order and install a custom-made canopy, you’re ready to take your new-looking vehicle for a spin. Check out how everyone looks at you. Your UTE gets a different look. If you have created something unordinary, you’re instantly getting a higher value on it because of this.

Also, a UTE with an extra canopy in the back can be sold on the market for a higher price. These vehicles are always wanted since contractors constantly keep the demand high. They are phenomenal for their work because this kind of UTE storage is much appreciated.


Customised toolboxes and canopies are the ultimate solutions for improving your UTE. Think about what you want to be installed and see how any demand poses no problem for the people working in the shop. With the points above, you now know the benefits, so there’s no excuse why you’re driving your rear tray naked.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 1 February 2023