What Are The Best UTE Canopy Accessories and Features You Shouldn’t Miss

When ordering a toolbox canopy, you’re not just ordering a storage solution but a compartment that becomes your friend on travels or during hard working days. Just an empty box is better than none, but if you take some time and invest in it, you may turn your toolbox canopy into a magical item.

There are various options and models in our shop, and you can choose the one that fits your needs best. Once you’re done, you can ask for the pros to mount it. You can also do it yourself, but when you receive the empty box, you’ll realize you’re missing some exciting elements.

Multiple features and accessories are available for any UTE canopy. In this blog post, we share a few of them that are worth considering. Take a look at the list below and find the ones that will perfectly fit your setup – order it today, and enjoy your new vehicle full of surprising parts.

1. Canopy roof racks

The roof rack is ideal for wide and robust luggage. Canopy roof racks are installed on top of the canopy and provide an additional storage area for items that don’t need protection and enclosed space like the one the canopy provides. You can store literally anything there.

Many people use it for transporting furniture, and sports equipment, such as skis and kayaks – while others will use it for their hunting and fishing skills. They will place the catch on the rack without worrying that they’ll ruin the canopy interior. The roof rack has multiple needs and uses. It is an excellent option for almost any UTE lover.

2. Lift-off canopy option

This feature is tremendous for those looking for versatility, flexibility, and mobility of their toolbox. The lift-off canopy is a feature that allows its users to store anything they need inside the canopy, but when they need to take the entire setup away from the vehicle, they can quickly do it.

Most toolbox canopies are fixed, but this option provides maximum flexibility. This option is excellent for those who love camping or need to take the entire toolbox to a place where the vehicle can’t go. In other words, not only will you transport tools, but you can take them to the very spot of the construction site where you need them.

3. Inside shelving and drawer system

The toolbox canopy is an empty box. It does not provide any additional features unless you ask for something additional. Think of a complex system of shelves and drawers that will help store and transport fragile items.

Shelves and drawers mean you can arrange the inside of the canopy perfectly. Every time you open the door, everything will be neatly arranged, and easily reachable. If you put everything you’re using back in its place, you’ll never see a mess inside the toolbox, and you will enjoy using the tools and the items stored inside.

4. Dog crate feature

Many pet owners will love this feature. The canopy is quickly transformed into a dog crate. The ventilation features and the window options are perfect for providing an ideal shelter for your dog when you want to travel with it. Take it everywhere, knowing it is safe and happy.

When you’re not transporting your dog, you can always use the box for other needs. Just clean it after usage, and it will be ready for the next pup’s trip to high mountains or the fields near the city. The crate is an excellent solution and much better than driving your pet in the back seat.

5. Central locking systems

One feature for those transporting valuable items is the central locking system. When you’re leaving the vehicle, the most convenient and simplest way to lock the toolbox is by pressing the same button that locks the entire vehicle.

Central locking systems of toolbox canopies are connected to the rest of the car. With additional wiring made by professionals, you’re getting a two-in-one function, although your vehicle wasn’t designed that way. If you know how to do it yourself, you can save some money and avoid paying the pros.

6. Customized looks

Finally, why take your toolbox canopy for granted? Make it look better by adding customized paint. Many people will insert the log of their companies, their favourite sports club logo, and many other things. Some will go even further and ask for an unusual design, like a shape and size that is entirely custom-made.

If you feel like this is something you like, feel free to ask the developers of the toolbox canopy if they can create it. You will receive a unique piece that will make you recognizable across the city. If you own a business, you know how valuable this is.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 6 December 2023