What are the Differences Between The Chassis and Tray Mount Canopy?

UTEs with toolbox canopies are far more useful than those without. Toolboxes installed on UTEs are excellent, but with so many different types, you might wonder which one is best for you.

If you're new to the idea of installing one in your vehicle, you’re exploring your options and considering every aspect of the installation process and the final product itself. Toolbox canopies are valuable, but you must install the right one to get the most out of it.

In this blog post, we discuss the two main options for where to install the canopy. Should you install it directly on the chassis or the rear tray? Both have their pros and cons. If you want to know more, keep reading.

What Does the Mounting Location Mean in Both Cases?

The mounting location is why both are called chassis or tray mounts. The first one is mounted directly onto the chassis of the vehicle. The second one goes on the bodywork or the tray of the UTE.

This means that when you choose the chassis mount, you will need to remove the bed of the UTE. Most of these vehicles come with a bed or at least a tray. A chassis installation requires you to remove some items to achieve it.

On the other hand, canopy tray installation means clamping, bolting, and securing the items directly onto the tray or bed materials. It doesn’t require any additional work. It’s fast, simple, and gives you a quick result.

The Chassis Mount Provides More Stability

Installing the toolbox canopy means getting a box that is always with you on the road. If you’re a passionate off-road enthusiast, you need a robust and durable toolbox canopy. The items you’re transporting must stay intact, as well as the box itself.

With the chassis installation, you’re less likely to experience the bending of the material. Your canopy won’t shift or flex under the load because it is mounted directly onto the chassis. On the other hand, the tray material is more lightweight, especially those made of poor materials.

However, if you’re using one of the popular jack-off campers made for removal and usage outside the vehicle’s system, you should mount them on the tray or tub. These boxes are flexible and installed on the tray or tub instead of directly on the chassis.

Customization and Options

When looking for a tray or tub canopy, you’re most commonly getting a model with a one-size-fits-all system. Depending on your UTE, the manufacturer makes the same box for everyone owning that vehicle. That’s not the case with the chassis installation.

Chassis toolbox canopies are custom-made most of the time. Toolboxes mounted on the chassis need a specific approach, examination, measuring, and mounting by true professionals. Although individuals can theoretically do it themselves, it’s better when a team of pros handle the business.

The Chassis Option Provides More Capacity

Another benefit of the chassis option is the storage capacity it provides. You get the most capacity when you install the box directly on the chassis. The tray and the tub are already over the chassis and take up some of the area.

This may not be a significant amount of space, but just a few centimetres on each side, and you realize how much more storage you get when you place the toolbox on the chassis itself. These few more inches are perfect for the installation of additional equipment, such as drawers or shelves.

The Cost and Affordability Are on the Side of Tray Canopies

With everything listed above, you might wonder which one is more expensive. The chassis option is always more costly due to the materials used, the complexity of installation, and the customization process. This is why many opt for the other option.

However, if you’re on an unlimited budget and don’t mind spending more on top-notch quality, you will probably be happy with the chassis toolbox canopy. These boxes also look great and upgrade the aesthetics of your vehicle.


Thinking about whether you should go with a chassis-mounted canopy or a tray-mounted one? The points above should help you decide which option is best for you. The chassis option provides more stability, durability, and functionality, but the tray option is more affordable and flexible.

Consider what you will use it for and your priorities. Based on this, find the perfect option and order the one that will fit your needs and lifestyle the most. Your UTE deserves the best toolbox canopy on the market.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 20 May 2024