What is an Undertray Water Tank, and Why Would You Need One?

UTE owners are lucky to own and drive such versatile vehicles. Aside from the enormous line of options, including installing additional toolboxes, roof racks, or generator holders, there's also the option for installing an undertray water tank holder.

UTEs are used for various needs. Some use them for contracting jobs, others love dominating the streets, while others use them for off-road and camping adventures. If you love the latter, you know how important a fresh water supply is.

This is why we're discussing undertray water tanks in this blog post. We will explain more about what they are, why they are important, and how to use them. Water tanks are crucial for campers and people spending more time outside civilization. One way to store freshwater is by placing the tank under the tray. Keep reading to see more.

What is an undertray water tank?

If you decide to install a water tank, you have multiple options. One of these options is placing the tank under the vehicle's tray. Why would you do this? Simply because there's a lot of spare room there, and you won't take the upper side of the vehicle's storage space. You can use this for something else, like installing an aluminium canopy.

The part under the vehicle remains unused, and what's a better solution than installing a water tank holder, placing the tank inside, and filling it up with water you'll later use in your travels? These water tanks are often enough for multiple-day trips; you can use the freshwater for anything you like.

How to make the perfect one?

The ideal solution is to install a water tank holder underneath the tray. Some people will hesitate over the idea of having water there but think about it, even if something happens to it, all you will lose is water.

The best material for this need is plastic. Plastic is lightweight and durable enough for water. It won't add too much weight to your vehicle and will keep the water in place. The plastic container should ideally go inside a water tank holder.

What size is ideal?

The size of the tank is something to think about. If you add a huge tank with lots of water, you'll add too much weight to your vehicle, making you spend more gas and lowering the vehicle's flexibility.

A smaller tank will not cause these problems, but you might find yourself lacking water. If you're going on a camping trip, you want to have enough fresh water for the entire time. Think about what you're using the tank for and how much you'll need.

A common number that most people use is a 50-litre water tank. Some will also use smaller ones, but not less than 30 litres. Still, the perfect size depends on how much water you need, what you will use it for, and other things.

Mounting is more complex than you think

It's not easy to mount a water tank on your vehicle. As we previously discussed, you will need a water tank holder, as the plastic tank can't be attached to the bodywork of your car. An aluminium undertray toolbox is the best option for this need.

If you're trying to do this holder on your own, do the measurements perfectly, as only misting by a millimetre may cause the tank to scratch from the metal of your vehicle and cause a leak. If you're not perfectly skilled, it's best to come to our shop and let us do it professionally.

How to use the water tank?

If you're wondering why you need a water tank, the answer is - for many reasons. Outdoor adventurers love the idea of having fresh water the most. Having a freshwater supply is essential if you're travelling into nature frequently.

Most people use these tanks for washing their food and dishes, and some even use them for showering. If you like this idea, you must install a few additional features to your tank. A breather is crucial to have a functioning water tank, while a pump powered by a battery is also an excellent idea. Think about these options before finding yourself confused in the wilderness.

Mind the refilling too

When you have the water tank installed and ready to roll, you need to fill it up with water. Although it sounds simple, you must think ahead about the ways you will do it. It may be easy to do it when you're at home, using a hose in the garage, but in nature, you'll need a water supply that will fill the tank successfully.


These few points are enough to understand the importance and the benefits of undertray water tanks. You now know why they are important, how to install them, and how to use them. If you're not skilled in handling everything, come to our shop, and we'll do it for you.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 22 February 2023