What Matters When you're choosing a Vehicle Tool Box?

Owners of all types of vehicles can purchase a toolbox for their car, but UTE owners are those who have an abundance of options for their vehicle. Many different toolboxes are available on the market and in our stores, from ordinary toolboxes installed over the tray to canopies to undertray toolboxes.

When you're thinking about getting one for your vehicle, you need to know how to pick the best one. With so many options, you must do thorough research. Still, before searching, you must learn what matters when choosing a toolbox for UTE.

In this blog post, we'll try to resolve some of the most valuable issues and help you understand what makes the best toolbox for your vehicle. Everyone will have different needs, so you'll need to answer some questions to yourself before finding the best match.

Measure the rear tray and see what you need

The first thing to do is to measure the rear tray. We have fixed dimensions for most UTE models, but you might have something different or something custom-made that will make our toolboxes not fit. Knowing the exact dimensions will give you various types of information, like pricing, range of models, etc.

After measuring, you can go to our store and share the information with our employees, ask them to show you what is available, and choose something you love based on the models there. Although everything can be custom-made, it's simpler to select one of the aisles and have it installed on the place.

Think about what you want

Among the many toolbox options, there are several types that you'll want to choose from. One of the most commonly chosen items is the UTE canopy toolbox, which is installed in the back of your vehicle and is used for many different things, including business and pleasure.

Aside from canopies, we also feature the best aluminium toolboxes for ordinary use. These are slightly different, but you might love their design more than the canopies. It's all about personal preferences, and you shouldn't let anyone tell you what the best is, but you come up with your own ideas and pick the toolbox you feel is perfect.

Always choose aluminium over anything else

You might have noticed that we mentioned aluminium toolboxes above, and that's not a randomly chosen material. Aluminium is the ultimate best material for toolboxes because of many reasons. One of them is that it is lightweight and won't put additional pressure on your vehicle, which is essential because steel toolboxes, for example, will cost you a fortune on gas when your vehicle struggles to handle the weight.

Another thing about aluminium is safety. A plastic toolbox can be robbed easily. Thieves will only need a knife, but aluminium is solid and tough to go through. Finally, aluminium is affordable and the best value for your money. This material is much more affordable than titanium, which is also frequently used for making toolboxes.

See if the selected model provides enough security

Whether you choose a UTE toolbox, undertray box, drawers, canopy, or something else, you need to ensure that this item will provide the perfect security for you and your vehicle. Make sure you install the toolbox properly and that it won't pose a threat while you're driving or when an accident occurs.

Toolboxes placed in the back are too close to your head. In an accident, you want the toolbox to stay intact and everything inside to remain at its place. Read some safety regulations and make sure the toolbox is made durable enough to provide the required safety of the driver and the vehicle.

You should have clear access to the toolbox

Most models are made to fit perfectly for particular vehicle brands, but if you're choosing something custom-made or go with an unusual option, you need to mind the access to your toolbox. Your rear tray is broad, and you need to have access to everything you place inside the box.

More importantly is the access to the entrance, though. If you design the toolbox to be opened after climbing the tray on top, you made a poor decision. Make sure the lock is easily accessible when you're standing on the side of the UTE because you'll most often want to get tools quickly.


Choosing a toolbox for your vehicle deserves more attention than just going to the store and buying one or ordering one through the mail. It's essential to know what you want and what you're looking for.

Ordering and having it installed are the easy part. Professionals will install it perfectly wherever you choose, and you'll get an item that raises the value of your vehicle. Still, don't forget to go through the points above and think about which toolbox will be the best for you.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 23 March 2022