What Types of UTE Storage Containers Are There And Why Would You Need Them?

Improving and upgrading your UTE is a never-ending task. We all want our vehicles to be as better looking as possible, more powerful and versatile. When we purchase a brand new UTE, it usually comes without any additional equipment in the rear area. Mounting a storage container is usually the first thing many UTE lovers do.

There are various types of storage containers. Some are bigger, and others are smaller. Both have the function of providing storage for your needs – whether it is a robust toolbox canopy that allows you to store entire machines for work or a tiny undertray drawer perfect for the first-aid kit, installing and using them is crucial.

You can find many different tool boxes and storage containers on the market. If you’re not sure what there is and what will be best for your needs, you’re at the right place. In this blog post, we will list the most commonly used UTE storage containers and explain what they are best for. Keep reading and find out more about them.

What Are UTE Storage Containers?

First, let’s define what a storage container is. A storage container is a durable, secure box, designed to organise, protect, and transport different items - from tools to camping equipment. 

Based on this, UTE storage containers are everything that provides secure transport of items. The most common ones are the classic tool boxes, canopies, drawers, cargo boxes, slide-out trays, storage racks and platforms, fridge slides, and others. If you want to know more about these, follow up and learn.

Classic Tool Boxes

Many are using the standard work UTE tool boxes for their contracting or other needs. They store everything work-related inside – from tools to machines. Depending on the size of the box, they can transport anything needed for their work.

When you work on a construction site, it’s crucial to have everything needed for the job. It’s not logical to drive back to your garage every time you need some other tool you weren’t expecting to use. That’s why a robust toolbox is essential for the needs of the contractor.

Aside from work, classic toolboxes are used for camping needs. Campers carry a lot of equipment on their outdoor adventures, and the toolbox can store nearly anything you may think of – from clothes and supplies to tents and sporting equipment.

Toolbox Canopies

Similar to the classic toolbox, the canopy is an extended version used in, more or less, the same situations as the first one. The difference is in the canopy feature that allows users to get more protection and versatility from their toolbox. 

Although many will have fabric canopies in mind if they never encountered the toolbox canopy, the ones we’re talking about are almost always made of aluminium. This material is the best for the need, as it provides 100% water protection and covers the entire UTE bed perfectly.

Toolbox canopies are excellent for every use. If you’re unsure what you will use the UTE for, the best solution is to find the ideal canopy for your vehicle and ask for a custom installation. The guys at our shop will handle the job perfectly and give you an improved and upgraded UTE you will love.


A perfect drawer system is implemented onto the UTE bed. The drawer system is usually a complex setup of various compartments that provide storage for items that fit inside the drawers. They can be used for various needs, but users use them for storing tools and smaller items.

They are perfect for items that you need quick access to. The first-aid kit, a knife, a light, and other things you might need in urgent situations, and you have no time to dismantle the entire toolbox. They provide perfect organization and allow you to find what you need without wasting time.

Cargo Boxes

If you’re running a business, you need specialized cargo boxes. These boxes are similar to the aluminium tool boxes for sale available in our shops but differ by their size and capacity. These are perfect for storing large items – such as power tools, camping gear, or sports equipment.

Slide-out Trays, Storage Racks, and Other Items

All the other items we mentioned also have their uses and fit perfectly into the lives of contractors or outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re thinking about enriching your driving experience and upgrading your UTE – consider installing these items.

They will improve the way you’re doing business or enjoying your adventure. Your UTE will become even more versatile, and you’ll find every one of them useful, making your trips worth remembering and your working days seamless. Try some or most of these items, and you’ll experience a whole new way of UTE driving.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 27 May 2024