What UTE Canopy Fitouts Do You Need for Your Toolbox?

The best thing about the UTE is adding a toolbox over the rear tray. This allows owners to have more storage space for their items. Regardless of your needs, the aluminium toolbox or the aluminium UTE canopy is an excellent addition, but it’s not enough to just have an empty box attached to the vehicle’s bodywork.

Additional elements inside the box are crucial. They allow you to safely store and neatly arrange everything you need on your camping trips or working needs. The many canopy fitouts will add true value to your UTE toolbox. With an endless amount of combinations, you will find the perfect one for your needs.

In this blog post, we talk about the many canopy fitouts available for your vehicle. We will also explain what they are and why they are essential for your setup. Follow up, read about it, and learn everything you need when you’re thinking about creating the perfect toolbox canopy.

What are canopy fitouts?

For those that don’t know anything about this term – canopy fitouts refer to the customization and installation of various storage solutions, accessories and aluminium modifications within the existing box. Instead of owning an empty area where you place things on top of each other, the fitouts provide perfect storage for your items.

They maximize the functionality and efficiency of the space inside the canopy. This allows you to shift between needs. With a setup like this, you will be able to always store everything in shelves, drawers, and other items in a perfect way. Keep reading to find out what your options are.

Various storage solutions

There are multiple storage solutions within the toolbox. The most common ones, as we just mentioned, are shelves and drawers. They help you use the storage area perfectly especially when it comes to tiny items, such as tools, tool additions, expendable materials, etc.

You can store anything you want Inside the drawers and over the shelves. Placed inside the toolbox canopy, they have nowhere to go. They will stay intact even when you’re driving through off-road areas. Keep more vulnerable and fragile items inside the drawers, because they will prevent them from falling and eventually breaking.

There’s also the option for installing a tinier toolbox inside the existing big canopy. These secure compartments are excellent for storing suitable-sized machines, sporting equipment, or others.

Finally, the slide-out trays are perfect for having additional storage that is immediately available when you’re outside the vehicle. These slide-out compartments are perfect for the first-aid kit, the knife, matches, and other elements you might require during emergencies.

Electrical and lighting systems

Having complex UTE canopy shelving and drawer systems means you have a wide area to which sunlight often has no access. If you’re operating the setup during the night, you will see nothing. This is why you need a complex lighting and electrical system installed inside it.

Install an electrical system and connect lighting, but don’t forget to provide a few power sockets. These sockets will be perfect for connecting your tools or appliances and machines when you’re in nature.

Locks and security systems

Such a setup requires the right protection. When thieves see how much you invested in the UTE toolbox canopy, they will be sure you have something valuable inside. Because of this reason, adding extra security, locks and other security systems is of utmost importance.

Connect the locking mechanism to the vehicle’s locking system and lock everything with the touch of your key fob.

Adding an alarm system is also something to think about. Whenever someone tries to break inside the toolbox, the alarm will turn off and scare the thieves away, also triggering your reaction and notifying you should check the vehicle.

Workbenches and workstations

The workbenches and workstations are highly valuable when using the UTE for work. Slide-out workstations and benches provide a working area that will help you manage all issues and problems that require a flat surface. They are placed under the toolbox, take almost no space, but have fantastic value in camping and contracting needs.

Other customized fitouts

There are so many other options and combinations you can use. You can add fridge holders, water tanks, pumps, bars, ladders, roof racks, etc. When you’re customizing the storage area, think about your vehicle brand and the size of the toolbox canopy, and order something made just for you.

It doesn’t matter what vehicle you have if you’re working with the right team. In our shops, you will find multiple items made for some of the most commonly used UTEs, like a UTE canopy for Hilux or other Toyotas, but also for other brands. If you want something off the shelf, we can develop a custom-made item just for you.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 10 June 2024