Where to Find the Best Dog-Friendly Camping Sites in NSW

Nearly 20 million people live in Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales, and many of them enjoy weekend trips to the many camping sites in NSW. This Australian state is known for its rich nature and versatility. There's everything for everyone - from forests to deserts to beaches.

Thousands of people are on the road every weekend, and during the summer, even more, will use their vacation times to travel across the state and enjoy the amazing outdoors. Many of these people have pets and like to enjoy camping with their best friends - the dogs.

It's not always easy finding a great pet-friendly camping site. Although there are many fantastic places, you can't just sit them into the dog box and be sure they will be allowed to enter by default. That's why you need to be prepared upfront. You need to plan and see where you can go with your pets.

In this article, we're sharing a few great places where you can go camping with your UTE, trailer, or caravan, and be sure that both you and your pet will enjoy the time spent there. Keep reading and see where you can go with your doggo around NSW.

Wollondilly River Station

This campsite is halfway from Sydney to Canberra. It will take around 2.5 hours to get to it from each place. The best thing about the campsite is that it is entirely pet friendly. It doesn't matter what kind of pet you have, bring it here, and it will be welcomed.

Dogs especially have flawless treatment. They are allowed to run around without a leash, but owners are held responsible for their actions. The entire experience here will be being one with nature. There's no electricity, no lights when the night falls, and there's no shop at the site, so be well-prepared for anything when you go here.

Riverwood Downs

On the brink of the famous Barrington Tops National Park, North of Newcastle, there's the Riverwood Downs camp near Monkerai. This place is a true paradise for dogs. The 750 acres of land in which there's a 5 km mountain trail with a freshwater mountain river where dogs can do whatever they want.

Most of the place is not powered, but you do have a place for dog bathing and a cafè with a menu designed specifically for the pets. It may be a bit too far for Sydney people, but if you're willing to drive a bit more than 3,5 hours, be sure that you and your dogs will love this place.

Mystery Bay Campgrounds

At the south borders of the state, there's the Mystery Bay Campgrounds. Situated on the ocean's shores, you can do so much here. It is around five hours from Sydney, but it's pretty close to Canberra. It is perfect for families with dogs, as there's an off-leash policy from 9 PM to 5 AM.

Being right at the beach, plenty of activities for you and your pets are available. Some beaches are rocky, and your dogs might not love it there, but they'll surely love splashing in the cool waters and trying to catch the coastal fish enjoying the shallow waters.

Coachwood Camping Area

Located in the Chichester State Forest, some 3,5 hours from Sydney, this camping area is dog-friendly and offers that rainforest vibe that is different from what your furry friend is used to back in the city. There are facilities made for dogs exclusively, so you know you'll all love it there.

The camp's policy is first come, first served, so get there early. Also, mind the vehicle you're driving. If it's the rainy season, you might not make it to the camp. Have a UTE or another 4WD that will manage to get through the muddy roads.

Halifax Holiday Park

Just north of Newcastle in a busy area, there's a camp resort where you and your dogs will enjoy the time spent there. The resort is located on the edge of a peninsula, and the entire place is surrounded by water. The bay provides calm waters and an excellent spot for bathing and water fun.

Rules say that dogs are not allowed during peak periods, but other than that, you can enjoy the time with them the way you want. You'll have access to barbeque areas, walking trails, beaches, picnic areas, and cycling tracks where your dogs can get the needed exercise.


These five fantastic camping spots are excellent for you and your dogs. All of them have full or partial dog access, and all of them have fair prices or are entirely free. Do some research and find out which place is perfect for you. Some are too far away or inaccessible, while others are quickly reached. Pick what you love the most, and enjoy a weekend with your pups.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 12 September 2022