Why Are Diamond Plated Tool Boxes The Best Option For Your Truck

Author: Dean Peechiari  Date Posted:17 January 2023 

When someone mentions diamonds, the instant image in our heads is something valuable and expensive. However, when talking about tool boxes, diamond plated means something valuable but inexpensive.

Diamond plated tool boxes, or checker plate tool boxes, are boxes that have that specific shape and design that we've all seen before. Unlike clean plates without anything engraved on them, the checker plated boxes look, feel, and act differently.

In the truck and toolbox world, design and development are everything. You may choose a different material for your toolbox, but how it is brought to the final customer means a valuable toolbox or an item that is useless in some cases.

People choose steel, titanium, and aluminium tool boxes in most cases. Here at OZY Toolbox, we provide top-notch aluminium tool boxes. The checker plate option is available for all our customers. If you're on the fence about whether to opt for one or go with a clean plate, maybe you want to know the benefits of the diamond plated toolbox. Read on to see what they are.

They look great

Although this is an arguable moment, some people will say diamond-shaped boxes look phenomenal, while others claim they are the least favourable option. We're on the side of the first ones. We think that a diamond plated truck storage box looks fantastic.

Most people love this look and order diamond shaped boxes. This look reminds people of durability, strength, and ability to handle things. Whether driving your truck through the city or in nature, seeing the shining diamond-shaped aluminium makes people around you turn their heads and enjoy the view.

They provide a non-slippery solution

Aside from looks, most people will choose a diamond plated box because of its features. The top reason to get one is the diamond plate's non-slippery feature. When you have an aluminium plate without anything added, especially a steel or stainless steel solution, the surface of it is extremely slippery and stepping on it is dangerous.

When you have a diamond plated surface, you can easily get on top of it and walk like you're walking on a concrete or asphalt road. Regardless of the surface of your shoes, you'll never experience slipping or falling off your truck.

This is highly important in nature, especially when the weather is not on your side. Rain and especially snow will make the plate slippery, so getting up there and doing anything will require extreme caution unless you have a diamond plated surface to walk over.

Provides that much-needed extra grip

Suppose you're a contractor. Every day you carry several toolboxes from your truck to the construction site. Some days it naturally rains, and there's no other way than to walk through the rain with the toolbox full of items in your hands.

When you have a diamond plated toolbox, this task is often easier than an ordinary one. The diamond shaped plate provides that much-needed grip when carrying a toolbox in your hands.

Even if you need a much simpler task done, like moving the toolbox from one place in your tray to another, you still need to pick it up and move it. Not all tool boxes have handles to pick them up, so have this option in mind when you're getting the next toolbox for your truck.

Diamond plated boxes provide excellent protection

Some might think that diamond plated tool boxes are different from others, but the reality is they are exactly the same as the others in terms of security and safety. Moreover, those with a checker plate finish are safer than ordinary ones. Why you may ask?

It's simple; just think about driving through an off-road track as you probably usually do when you own a UTE or a truck. These lands are often unpredictable and will have your rear tray items jump up and down. If something falls off, the aluminium box will prevent damage, but if you own a diamond plated box, the surface will remain in the tray as the grip is better than the other boxes.


When shopping for tool boxes, you must have all the information in front of you. Among the many other things valuable to know and ask for, the diamond plated tool boxes are one of the things to ask for when ordering your toolbox. We have plenty of different versions, so go through our page to find the ultimate best for you.

From trucks to caravans to trailers - there's something for everyone. Choose a checker plate or diamond plate toolbox to ensure a perfect grip when moving them, feel safe when you need to climb and walk on top, and look perfect when driving around the city.