Why Choose a Roller Door Toolbox Instead of Something Else?

You’ll find lots of different toolbox options in our shop. Made of various materials and in different sizes, these tool boxes can be a valuable asset for your UTE, caravan, or van. With a wide range of options, it’s often tough to choose the best one for you.

Among the many standard tool boxes, there is the roller door toolbox. This option is different from the others. It is useful just like the others, but it comes with a few pros and cons. Many love it because it offers features other tool boxes won’t give, so it’s up to you what suits you best.

The dimensions are nearly the same as every other one, but the closing and opening mechanism differs from the other types. In this blog post, we share a few points in which you can see what the differences are, and whether you prefer this one or the others. Follow up to learn more about it.

1. Space-saving design

A roller door is an excellent idea mainly because of its design. The door that rolls up takes no additional space. A standard toolbox or a canopy will require doors that open on the sides or upward, but the roller maintains its looks and takes no additional space.

You can move freely without worrying that you’ll bump into the door and hurt yourself. It will also not be problematic when you need to place something inside. Many tool boxes with classic doors limit the entry point of more robust items, but that’s not an issue with this kind.

2. Easy access to items inside

Another great feature is the access point. It’s simple to reach inside the toolbox with these kinds of doors. There’s no need for climbing on top for the particular models that have an opening on the top, and users can turn an entire side of the box into a roller door, so when they need to take something from the inside, the door can open and close, giving them full access.

Custom-made roller door boxes are also available in different types. Users can order a door size based on their wishes, but most prefer a door that covers an entire side. Another idea is opening two sides and creating an open tray with a roof on top of it.

3. Excellent weather protection

If we are talking about weather protection, there’s no difference between standard tool boxes and this one. The roller toolbox may look like it doesn’t provide excellent protection. It’s the other way around – their technique of opening and closing inside the box keeps the mechanism protected by the aluminium cover.

All the hinges and flexible joints are protected – so the box will last longer. The items inside also enjoy perfect protection. They are entirely covered, and rain, snow, hail, or the sun’s heat won’t damage them. With this toolbox, you’re getting the ultimate protection.

4. Fantastic aesthetics

If you’ve ever seen how a roller toolbox looks, you’ll know what we’re talking about. These types are so good-looking and increase the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal that you’ll forget the idea of the traditional toolbox immediately.

Aside from owning a UTE that is powerful and useful, you still want a car that looks good. You want to see it looking phenomenal parked in front of your garage and be proud when you arrive at the construction or camping site.

5. Excellent aerodynamics

Most traditional tool boxes fit the rear tray of your vehicle, but many of them are not the best solution when you are thinking about aerodynamics. The roller door boxes provide fantastic aerodynamics.

Why is aerodynamics essential for you and your vehicle, you may ask? Aerodynamics significantly affects your steering and the stability of the UTE. It also affects your gas consumption rate. Tool boxes with poor aerodynamics will waste more gas, while those designed great will consume less gas.

6. Increased resale value

With all the points before, it’s clear you’re making a huge improvement in your vehicle. That means you’re raising the resale value of your UTE when you decide to put it on the market and sell it.

Every toolbox is excellent for raising the price of the vehicle, but this type will add a few extra bucks to it. All the fantastic features added will make your vehicle look better, have better functions and provide top value for money.


These six points explain why a roller box is a fantastic idea. Installing one means getting increased storage space, easy access, perfect weather protection, improved aesthetics and aerodynamics that save gas, and finally, gives you a chance to ask for more when you decide to sell it and buy something new. You will not go wrong if you choose this toolbox.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 9 April 2024