Why Do UTE Owners Love Enclosed Trailers?

Buying and owning a UTE means you’re never done improving it. Tons of features will make your vehicle bigger, better, and more versatile. If you see your UTE as part of your life, you love seeing it grow and improve.

Among the many items and accessories available for UTEs, there are many tool boxes, drawers, shelves, racks, stands, ladders, trailers, and other fabulous add-ons that create a spectacular vehicle. Passionate UTE lovers never miss the chance to improve their vehicles by installing something new.

In this blog post, we talk more about the enclosed trailers and why UTE owners adore them. We will explain what they are and share some expertise on why they are great, how to mount them, and more. Follow up and learn more about the enclosed trailers that will enrich the functionality and looks of your UTE.

What are enclosed trailers?

Imagine you're planning an epic road trip with all your gear in tow. Now, think of a big metal box on wheels, kind of like a treasure chest on steroids. That's an enclosed trailer. Picture it – it's like your own portable garage, but instead of holding cars, it holds whatever you want to haul around, whether it's motorcycles, furniture, or your prized collection of garden gnomes.

The magic happens because it's enclosed, meaning it has walls, a roof, and a door that keeps your stuff safe from the elements and sticky-fingered bandits. Rain, snow, hail – bring it on! Your cargo stays cozy and dry inside.

Plus, they come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny ones you can tow behind a car to monster trailers that could double as a mini apartment. So, whether you're moving house, heading to a craft fair, or embarking on a top-secret mission to transport a herd of rubber chickens across state lines, an enclosed toolbox has got your back.

Why would you need one?

So, you've got a UTE, and you're considering an enclosed trailer. Here's why it is a great idea to do it:


An enclosed trailer, similar to the caravan toolbox, provides shelter for whatever you're carrying, shielding it from the elements like rain, snow, and sun damage. This is especially important for delicate or valuable items. Imagine you’re transporting valuable machines for work, and you get caught in a storm. Equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars may be destroyed because you lack proper protection.


Whether you're moving house, transporting equipment for work, or hauling recreational gear, a toolbox can handle a wide range of cargo types. Its enclosed space allows for more flexibility in what you can transport, while an open tray or tub is limited by its lack of protection and security.


Some items are better kept out of sight during transit. With this solution, you have the option to conceal your cargo, protecting it from prying eyes and potential theft. Rarely any thief would try to break into your vehicle if they don't know you have something valuable and worth stealing.


With lockable doors and solid walls, this item offers a level of security that an open box or truck bed can't match. You can transport your belongings with peace of mind, knowing they're less vulnerable to theft or tampering. Adding toolbox central locking will provide an unmatched security level and provide carefree UTE usage.

Additional storage

If your UTE's bed isn't enough to accommodate all your gear, The trailer will provide extra space for storage. This can be particularly useful for longer trips or large-scale projects. Depending on your needs, you can have more than one box installed on your vehicle.

Resale value

Finally, think of your investment and value. Investing in one can increase the resale value of your UTE in general. Potential buyers may see it as a valuable addition, especially if they have similar hauling needs, and the money you invested in it is an excellent reason to ask for a better price when selling.


In summary, while it might not be the most exciting purchase, the enclosed trailer can offer practical benefits that enhance the functionality and versatility of your UTE. Whether prioritizing protection, security, or convenience, it's worth considering as a valuable asset for transporting your belongings.

These items are excellent for people working as contractors, campers, or those who love a versatile vehicle that will be there for them whenever it is needed. If you’re on the fence about installing one, be sure that making this is the right step to do.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 7 May 2024