Why Install a Tub Toolbox And What Its Advantages Are?

When you’re thinking about installing a toolbox over the rear tray of your UTE, you have various options - from ordinary toolboxes custom-made for your vehicle to full-size canopies to undertray tool boxes that are added underneath the tray. The options are endless.

One of the options is installing a tub toolbox. Many are unaware of the difference between a tub toolbox and the other options. Although there aren’t many crucial reasons, there are a few that will help you decide whether you want this solution or something else.

Choosing between an ordinary one, a tub version, a canopy toolbox, or something else is a choice to make before ordering something through the mail or coming over to our shop and letting us fix one for you. If you’re hesitating about what to install, keep reading and see why the tub toolbox might be the best option for you.

Tub tool boxes maximize the storage capacity

Tub toolboxes are made to fit the tub of the UTE from one end to the other perfectly. The toolbox goes over the bed’s sides and provides an ideal storage solution. Unlike other classic boxes, it will offer a much better storage capacity. Its design is made to fit more than the others.

Depending on the size of the tub toolbox, you will be able to fit many tools inside. The organization is also something to mind. An ordinary toolbox will not provide the level of that tub toolboxes provide. The latter one is usually much better organized inside and will help you fit almost any type of tool you may think of.

Interesting design that many will love

These items are not called tub boxes just like that. They are called tubs because they look like the item in which we bathe. Installing them means having a toolbox that stretches from side to side, and this is something that many UTE owners love. It has a specific design that improves the looks of the vehicle.

Although there are different sizes, versions, and ideas for tub tool boxes, they all look similar. Getting and mounting one of these means you’re improving the looks of your vehicle aside from adding something highly valuable. Now, you can store your tools in a box that will keep them safe no matter what happens, and you’re also getting something you love.

Easy installation you might pull out yourself

Tool boxes are usually challanging to mount, but this one is fairly simple. Ordinary boxes are made for specific vehicles and often come with a lot of work. Unlike them, the tub toolbox is much easier to install. If you’re at least a little skilled in using tools like a drill and a screwdriver, then you’ll have fun installing this one.

The ends of the tub toolbox go over the rear tub of the UTE, so any box can be simply installed by drilling just a few holes inside. Unlike them, a classic toolbox will require much more work and risk poor installation that eventually leads to problems. You don’t want your toolbox to fall off the UTE on the first bump on the road.

Improved aesthetics and overall look of the vehicle

We all want to drive something that looks good, aside from being versatile and functional. Owning a box that fits all your tools is excellent, but no one knows what you’re carrying inside when driving down the streets of your neighbourhood. What people see is the toolbox from the outside, so try to improve the aesthetics and feel proud of what you have mounted.

Tub tool boxes are made to improve the looks of your UTE. Most people love changing the original look of their UTE, which is nothing more than an empty area in the rear tray. Installing a tub toolbox improves the aesthetics, so doing this will make you fall in love with it again.

Specific use rather than broad one

Some people will install a toolbox that covers the entire rear tray. They’ll have all sorts of stuff inside, which is not a bad option, but it may be confusing and overwhelming for some. A tub toolbox lets you organize your tools neatly and leave the rest of the tray available for other items.

Some will install a power generator toolbox, dog crate, or something else next to the tub box and have a perfectly organized rear tray. The tub toolbox is made specifically for tools, unlike other canopies or different toolbox solutions that can fit various things, which is something many people look for.


Installing a tub toolbox changes the overall looks of your UTE. It also provides perfect storage for your tools exclusively and fits an area of the rear tray dedicated to storing tools. These boxes offer an easy installation if you feel like doing it yourself, but you can also ask for our help if you don’t feel like mounting. Order and upgrade your UTE.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 16 October 2023