Why you should choose an Aluminium Canopy

Ute canopies need to be durable, sustainable, long lasting, robust and do the job intended. The material of the canopy is vital in meeting these requirements. We are here to help you decide on the best material for your ute canopy.

Fibreglass canopies are lightweight and fairly durable, however, there are disadvantages. Cutting into fibreglass will significantly weaken it, meaning your options are limited in regard to modifications for your canopy. In addition, fibreglass canopies are not valued to carry heavy loads, which may render your fibreglass canopy unsuitable depending on your intended use. Fibreglass canopies will need periodic re-coating, which is something that aluminium canopies will not.

Steel canopies are another option, which may seem appealing due to their strength and durability. Steel is much heavier and much denser than aluminium and will add significant weight to your vehicle, impacting the amount you can carry and tow with your ute. While aluminium is light in weight compared to steel toolboxes it remains a very durable metal; you can consistently use it and remain assured that the tools inside are safe, without the added weight. In addition, steel needs to be painted or treated against rust. Aluminium is corrosion resistant without any further treatment, making it the number one choice for long-term use.

Aluminium canopies are the number one choice at Ozy Toolbox Centre.  They are lightweight, offering good fuel economy, and yet still incredibly strong, able to support very heavy loads with minimal wear and tear. Aluminium canopies are durable and long lasting. They have a natural oxide coating which means that are corrosion resistant, low maintenance and easy to clean. OTC Aluminium canopies and accessories are also secure, offering great protection for your valuable tools and canopy contents.

Aluminium canopies at OZY are an attractive choice for people who want the option to install shelving and carry weight above. You can also add trays and shelves and modify them for your work or leisure trips with relative ease.

Now that you have made the obvious choice of purchasing an aluminium ute canopy, click the Click the link or give us a call at Ozy Toolbox Centre 1300 699 269 to explore our high quality and affordable range!

Author: Courtney Loizou Date Posted: 20 April 2021