Order Dual Cab Tray and Canopy Packages and Upgrade Your UTE

When you’re trying to improve your UTE, or you bought one that has nothing installed in the rear part of the vehicle, you are looking for the best solutions and options. Some people prefer a UTE with only a tray installed. Others prefer a toolbox or canopy, but both have various options available with these solutions.

Some people love the idea of having both. The rear tray and a canopy installed over it is the best solution to make your vehicle more versatile than it already is. The canopy, in combination with the tray, offers a wide variety of options, which will let you use your UTE for work, pleasure, and standard commuting from home to work.

In this blog post, we are talking about the combination of rear tray and canopy and why it is best to order a package of both. Keep reading to learn how to improve your vehicle and what these two items installed together can do for you.

What is a rear tray?

When you buy a new truck, you’re almost always getting it with a basic rear tray designed by the factory. Although this element does its purpose, you can always upgrade it to make it look better.

Some UTE owners will take the original out and install a new one that looks better, is bigger, and provides extended durability. Rear trays are most commonly made of steel or aluminium. Aluminium is a better solution because it offers fantastic durability but is way more lightweight than the other option.

If you want to install a new tray or extend the existing one, it is best to do it together with the canopy. Measure precisely how wide and long it is, and ask for an upgrade. A combination of both is the best solution, so look for some UTE tray ideas before making the final choice.

What is a canopy?

The canopy is an extended toolbox, if we may say that. The canopy style is a toolbox that has openings on one or two sides, which allows you to reach inside with ease. Unlike top-lid tool boxes, which are often less practical, the canopies provide a much simpler solution for everyone that needs it.

People choose to install canopies because they have the highest versatility of all other types of toolboxes. Additionally, they can provide shelter for your equipment, items, or tools when working in difficult weather conditions, but they also protect you from rain, snow, and everything else.

The best material for a canopy is aluminium. Although you will find other solutions on the market, aluminium offers the best ratio between weight, durability, and price. On top of it, this material looks fantastic and can be adjusted, and you can create a UTE that will have outstanding looks and extended storage and functionality.

There are many benefits to getting this package

When you get the package of a UTE rear tray and a canopy, you ensure many benefits for you and your vehicle. The first thing that is worth mentioning is security. When you install a canopy, you’re not only protected against the numerous weather conditions but you’re also protected against theft.

Aluminium is a lightweight material and is easily manageable, but it is still robust enough to provide the ultimate protection against thieves. Add the right lock, and you will be the only one who controls who has access to the canopy. Thieves will have no chance of breaking inside.

Protection of the cabin is also something to consider. A rear tray with a canopy means the highest possible protection of the cab against sudden stops and items damaging the cab. When you have a dual cab vehicle, it means that you’re often not alone inside, and someone else’s life is your responsibility.

When we make sudden stops, the items from the rear tray may hit the cab due to physics. If they are heavy enough, they can hurt the passengers. The tray and the canopy will prevent this scenario, and you will have nothing to worry about, even in the most dangerous situations.

Getting extended resale value

Many people are happy with what they have. They are not searching for a new add-on. However, aside from the look improvement, adding functionality and flexibility, as well as providing excellent protection of the cargo you’re carrying, there’s the resale value you’re receiving with installing something like this.

A rear tray and a toolbox canopy combination significantly increase the value of your vehicle. Every other item also raises the price. Those who own an under tray toolbox, roof rack, ladder, and other parts will also offer their vehicles for higher prices. Check out what we offer, and improve your vehicle by all means.

Author: Dean Peechiari Date Posted: 31 August 2023